Case Study: Vehicle Identification

We trained a neural network to fingerprint and recognize vehicles. Information such as make, model, year, color, and license plate (KSA, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait) are automatically assessed.


Evaluating your Images

You can find below a list of your uploaded pictures, along with a transcription of detected vehicle data. Information from multiple channels including - but not limited to - make, model, year, color, and license plate, can be assembled and stored in order to produce a unique vehicle multilevel fingerprint, with high levels of tampering proof accuracy.

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Processing Time:

Vehicle Plate: Not Detected

Plate Region: Not Detected

Confidence: Not Detected

Vehicle Make: Not Detected

Body Type: Not Detected

Model: Not Detected

Year: Not Detected

Color: Not Detected

Orientation (0 to 360 degrees): Not Detected